Our project managers have delivered projects ranging from large scale CBD and urban renewal projects; master planning; large and medium commercial projects; high and low-rise residential projects; heritage restoration projects and large remediation and demolition projects.

Our team has a significant depth of experience in construction and development related Project Management ranging across most sectors of the industry including NSW Govt, NSW departments, local Councils, commercial and private entities.

Through a focus on a collaborative approach combined with our experience, strategic thinking and our use of advanced technologies, our energetic, service-driven team has created a legacy of successful projects, satisfied clients and stakeholders. Our qualified professionals has decades of project delivery experience.

Understanding and the appreciation of what makes a successful project is critical. Identifying and minimising project risk while creating certainty of outcome, coupled with our appreciation and knowledge of modern technology and the latest developments in the building and construction sector, give our clients an exceptional satisfying experience.


ma·gus noun
plural magi \ ˈmā-ˌjī

– a member of a hereditary priestly class among the ancient Medes and Persians b often capitalized: one of the traditionally three wise men from the East paying homage to the infant Jesus
-Magician, Sorcerer

The word mágos (Greek) and its variants appears in both the Old and New Testaments. Ordinarily this word is translated “magician” or “sorcerer” in the sense of illusionist or fortune-teller, and this is how it is translated in all of its occurrences (e.g. Acts 13:6) except for the Gospel of Matthew, where, depending on translation, it is rendered “wise man” or left untranslated as Magi, typically with an explanatory note. However, early church fathers, such as St. Justin, Origen, St. Augustine and St. Jerome, did not make an exception for the Gospel, and translated the word in its ordinary sense, i.e. as “magician”.

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