Development Management

  • Interrogating and understand clients objectives
  • Risk management and assessment
  • Feasibility modelling
  • Project strategy
  • Planning strategy
  • Waste Minimisation
  • Cost planning
  • Consultant suitability engagement and management
  • Geotechnical assessment
  • Environmental assessment
  • Remediation
  • European and Indigenous Archeology
  • Hazardous materials
  • Demolition
  • Stakeholder management

Design Management

  • Consultant briefs
  • Consultant engagement
  • Manage consultants to meet the project and client objectives
  • Utilities Engagement
  • Services Discovery and Deviation
  • Cost Planning
  • Environmental performance
  • Authorities and utilities engagement
  • Stakeholder management

Areas of Expertise

  • High-rise residential
  • Commercial base build and Fit Out
  • High-end residential
  • Affordable housing
  • High Medical Need and Aged Housing
  • Urban re-development
  • Infrastructure
  • Master-planning and urban renewal
  • Commercial retail

Project Delivery

  • Delivery strategy
  • Building contract and tender process
  • Engagement of delivery team
  • Contractor management
  • Contract administration
  • Quality and performance management
  • Project completion
  • Client service

Special Services

  • Smart buildings/smart cities
  • Environmental performance
  • Green star rating
  • Renewable energy and storage specialist advice

Points of Difference

  • Our bespoke, fully integrated, client centred approach
  • High technical competence: building standards; design process; contracts and contract management and compliance
  • Broad experience across complex projects and sectors
  • Use of advanced building information management systems; artificial intelligence; information sharing applications
  • Streamlined design and documentation process
  • Waste Minimisation
  • Cost planning
  • Consultant suitability engagement and management
  • Experience with local councils and approval authorities
  • Well established business and industry connections in Sydney
  • Service driven staff
  • Track record of successful, award winning, built projects

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