We seek to be the best there is at project delivery.
We aim at ensuring we score a “win” in every aspect of your project.

  • Clients > win
  • Designers > win
  • Builders > win
  • Subcontractors > win
  • Suppliers > win

The early emphasis is on de-risking the project through thorough preparation and planning. We choose the optimum contracting model to suit the project and run effective tendering processes to ensure we get the most suitable designers, consultants and builder for the Project. Our key focus during construction is on Quality and ensuring we have effective and meaningful QA processes which lead to successful project conclusion and high client satisfaction.

Our Core Strengths

Client Service

As Project Managers we are primarily and essentially communicators. We do this via prompt responses and clear and concise communications.

Our focus is on creating a cohesive and collaborative project team. Through our fully integrated approach we stand “in your shoes” ensuring you are supported, informed and confident.

Contract Expertise

We are experts in construction and building contracts. We aim for clarity, structure and rigour coupled with fairness. We ensure the builders obligations are very visible, easily understood and therefore easy to monitor and achieve.

Waste Minimisation

Waste minimisation is core throughout the design and delivery process. It starts with adopting the right strategy: the proper assessment of risks and contracting models; developing the right briefs, design documents, QA philosophy; a right firsttime approach with the right checks at the right time so that mistakes and corrections are identified and made early.

Effective Effort

Projects are like running a middle-distance race. It’s all about the preparation!

Do this well and the project delivery risks significantly reduce and outcomes are far more likely to satisfy.

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